American Legion photo of Service Emblem side of building..
OUR POST HOME IN BAY CITY, MI......Looking SE from Center Ave. near Adams St.

American Legion Post 18

Bay City Michigan

NEXT POST MEETING February 10th, 7:00 PM.

Come in at 6:30 PM for Exec. Board if it is needed, and if not, just have a beverage and maybe a sandwich along with good friends and conversation. The January meeting was very productive and the attendance continues to get better. Come see for yourself.

Remember: Friday Fish Fries every month from 11:00 AM until 8:00 PM. On the first Friday of every month come in the late afternoon, and stay for the fun of the Post Meat Raffles put on by the SAL and other Auxiliary and Post members. 


 NOTE: Click on "Community Events" to see what program
SVSU is establishing  for returning Veterans that are enrolled there. 

Check to see if you have the 2014 membership card in your wallet.  If not, maybe you forgot to send in the dues so please send them in or bring them to the Post. Your Officers are much more active now and that is showing up in more attendance in the club room and in the meetings, as well as Post activities. If you have not been here for a while, stop in and see for yourself.

Dont wait for newsletters - stop at the Post to get the important news: New Legion Baseball Team; Cell phones for soldiers; and more free parking spots on North lot.

Name Post 18 Offices term
Mike Pergande Commander 2013-2014
Doug Wieland 1st Vice Commander 2013-2014
Steve Weiss 2nd Vice Commander 2013-2014
Jed Hudson Adjutant 2013-2014
Kenneth Burtch Chaplain  (also 10th Dist Commander) 2013-2014
Rick Schooley Finance Officer 2013-2014
Bernie Burnette Sgt at Arms 2013-2014
Art Schupbach Service Officer 2013-2014
Ron Comtois Historian 2013-2014
William Miller Judge Advocate 2013-2014
Bill Niemann Exec Board at large 2013-2014
Don Good Exec Board at large 2013-2014
Bob Stukel Exec Board at large 2013-2014
Fred Nowak Exec Board at large 2013-2014
John Tousaint Trustee 2013-2014
Jerry Jacobs Trustee 2013-2014
Phil Mathews Trustee 2013-2014
Bob Elkowitz Trustee 2013-2014
Marcia Voisine Vets Council 2013-2014
Marilyn Lazarz Vets Council 2013-2014
Art Shupbach Vets Council 2013-2014
Don Good Vets Council 2013-2014

Chaplain on Board

We are now proud to have an ordained minister as the Chaplain of Post 18. Ken Burtch has said that he is available and is interested in serving the Post members in all things related to his profession. He wishes to be notified when someone is admitted to a hospital, or is very sick at home. Ken lives in Midland and he will travel whereever he is needed. Please call him at 989-941-8412.

Fun and Games while at the Post

While in the Post look around. Stay entertained while getting some pull tabs; Playing the Lotto; Watching for Keno winners; challenge for a game at the pool table,and even bowl a game on the wii.

Be Patriotic - get American flags here:

U. S. Flags: 3x5 $17.00; 4x6 $26.00; 5x8 $40.00 and also available are POW-MIA 3x5 flags for $25.00

Tabs for Tots report.

Pull tabs from beverage cans are small, but when saved and combined for scrap they are powerful. When sufficient funds are built up, the Post buys some kind of medical equipment or service for children. Over the years you will surprised to see the long term results. 

Members: Sign up friends or relatives.

CURRENT LEGION family members: Do you remember why you joined? Was it adding your name so our lawmakers could be reminded of the country's responsibilities to take care of all veterans? Was it to have a place to keep in touch with others with a military background for conversation or just socializing? Most of us are more comfortable in our own club and belonging is satisfying.

Whether from WWII, Korea, or any other time of service, The American Legion still needs you to stay involved. We know that the more recent returnees are likely to be very busy with new jobs, new families, and getting back into their recreational activities. But the Legion needs you long-time veterans, now, more than ever. Fewer elected officials are veterans now, so we need more of us to keep them informed and remind them of their obligations to those who served. The American Legion has always had a strong influence with the legislators due to a high membership.

Much of what we do for the Legion depends on keeping up to date on what is happening in the legislatures and in our communities. All this information is passed through the Posts to members with mailings, email, and especially personal contact at social events and regular post meetings. Here is where your conintued membership and participation in our activities is so important. It is costly to maintain the post home and club rooms and the funds must come from the activities and your enjoyment of the club rooms. We need your donations or your participation soon to help keep our Post 18 moving forward.


This calendar will serve all three orgnizations. Please send event information to the Post email address at and we will make the entry. (If you see an error also send the correction information and when it ic confirmed we will make the change.

The calendar will start with a full page and three months showing. It will be easier to use if you change these three things each time you go there. First, tell it to show a month at a time. Then select which month you want by clicking on the arrow to that side of the month that is shown. Finally, click on the "list" option to show less on screen at a time. To return to the Home page, right click anywhere and select "back".

Help Starts Here!

Service officer information:

Do you believe that you have a problem that is similar to other veterans that have been confirmed as being service connected? Or has something been bothering you that could be connected but has not been discussed with a Service Officer? If you have never talked to a Service Officer why not see one now? The American Legion has a well trained staff of Service Officers, beginning with one from Post 18, many at the state level, and quite a few that work at the National level.

Art Schubpach is the Post Service Officer and he is also the Bay County Service Officer and has regular office hours at the Bay County Building. When a veteran is interviewed, Art obtains the basic information and will give you an outline of what help may be available through the VA. If it seems that a claim could be made, he lets you know what information and paperwork is needed and, if necessary, sets up another appointment to review the details. He forwards the claim information to the next level, and that is a State Service Officer, a professional that is employed by the Department of Michigan American Legion. They become your agent dealing with the VA during your claim period. Art is at the County Building at the North end of the 2nd floor daily at 7:00 AM to 11:30 AM from Monday to Thursday. The phone number is 989-895-4190.

As a veteran you may have previously filed for benefits and the claim has been denied. Or if approved, your situation may have worsened. In both cases you should consider asking a Service Officer if an appeal is in order. First time denials are frequent and may be caused by a minor detail, or a missing document. Let a Service Officer check it out.